Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ben and his Lady Friend

Ben is completely enamored with one of his classmates. He talks about O all the time at home. “This is my marry ring”, he says, “It’s special to me and I’m going to wear it when I marry O

Unfortunately, the lady in question is not particularly taken with Ben. This may have something to do with the fact that Ben immediately bolts to a hiding spot whenever O appears, as he’s too shy to actually talk to her.

My son, too shy to talk to his crush. Whoa.

It took him 20 minutes the other day to work up the courage to give her the flower that he’d picked especially for her from our garden.

She wouldn’t take it. “YUCK!"

Poor guy was crushed. Not that I really blame her. He’d sort of been creeping around the playground, following in her wake.


Update: Lady O has had a change of heart. Evidently Ben’s wooing worked. They gleefully announced that they’re going to marry each other soon.

The parents: "What?! How about you wait about 20 years." 

The kids (in typically 4-year-old fashion): "No. NOW. "


Update: This morning Ben was clearly hiding something behind his back as we were headed off to preschool.

Me: “Ben, what have you got there?

Ben: “Nothing”

A few minutes later:

Me: “Sorry kiddo, remember that you can’t bring toys to preschool”

Ben: “I haven’t got a toy. It’s a marry ring for O”

Me: “Oh, the purple butterfly one? That’s nice. “

Ben: “No, that’s the one I’m going to wear. This is the one I’m going to give her:

Me: “That’s very nice that you’d like to give my ENGAGEMENT RING to O, but that one is very special to me. Daddy gave it to me and it’s not for re-gifting. “


O has been on vacation and I secretly hoped that the whole subject would be dropped. I mean, sweet singing baby jesus, my kid is practically still a toddler.

In other news,  I’d better find a safe deposit box at a bank, else my ring might just up and disappear one day.