Friday, May 08, 2015

Benisms vol 17 and the Tale of the Popular Pot

Ben: “I’m sick”

Me: “I’m so sorry.”

Ben: “I know I’m sick because I have golden snot. But I’m not super-duper sick because then I have green snot”

Well, that’s one way to tell. The power of observation.

I can tell he's sick because he refuses to take a nap and then crashes 20 minutes later on the floor:


The neighbors across the street from us are doing some extensive landscaping. The contractor brought in a porta potty and overnight it’s become a stop for every UPS man, cable guy, and plumber.

Ben loves it. “Mom! There’s a cherry picker outside! I’m going out in the yard to take a good look.” More often than not, he’s got about 20 minutes to ‘take a good look’.

The previously unknown entertainment value of the humble porta potty.

This morning I had to stop Ben from knocking on the door to see if the garbage man had any of the temporary garbage truck tattoos they usually carry around. “Pretty sure he’d like some privacy right now."

On a more logical note: How do they know of the toilet's existence? Is there an iPhone app? “FRESH PORTA POTTY ON SAND POINT WAY AND 110TH. LANDSCAPE PROJECT IS ONLY HALFWAY DONE SO IT SHOULD BE THERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK.”

I mean, I understand the garbage guy. And the UPS delivery guy. They’re on our street every day. But what about all the others in the big trucks: Comcast installers, moving trucks, dump trucks? Do they just happen to drive by and make the most of an unlocked port-o-john?

Dude, if there isn’t an app, I totally need to make one. This is porta potty gold.