Friday, June 26, 2015

House Projects: Upstairs Bathroom Artwork

Here is the project Ben and I threw together this week: our zebra engineering print and frame for the upstairs bathroom. 

This room has a lot of grey and white so it was necessary to add a bit of color. Unfortunately, I wasn’t keen to spend lots o’ moolah so we added color with our old standby: spray paint to the rescue!

The engineering print measures 2x3 and cost $4.60 in printing fees at our local copy shop. The print quality is low so don’t expect fantastic works of art here. 

We already had picture frame pieces leftover from an old chair-rail project. I cut the edges at 45 degrees with the chop saw and glued them together with wood glue. 

I also added a few brackets for good measure. Using trim wood isn’t ideal nowadays as it’s basically sawdust held together with glue. Consequently, it has a tendency to warp over time. If you can afford it, spring for real wood pieces. 

We added some color with a nice tomato red (leftover from Emma’s bench project). I mounted the print on 0.25” plywood with modpodge and then we fitted it into the frame. It’s hung with a single large hanger.

It’s definitely not perfect. Ben and I had a mini modpodge disagreement and thus it’s not quite centered. There is a thin white band on the bottom edge that drives me nuts every time I inspect it closely. But I’m also too lazy to go down to the print store and have another one made up. So we’re going to live with it for a while.