Monday, July 20, 2015

News and Reviews

The Alaska Boys. 

Whelp. This particular collection of articles is a bit tardy. I’ve been collecting them for a while. But they’re all (pretty) good, I promise!

The Greatest Good: finding the charity that will give you the biggest bang for your buck
"Maybe this gift was the agnostic’s prayer, on the off-chance the supernatural accepts gifts in the form of altruism, to simply make the bad things stop."

From a dear friend: Honoring My Journey: A reflection on caregiving

Why women choose not to have children

Outing the Boogeyman (Holy moly. Worth your time)

Do you think this would work: Biotech firm prints 3D fake rhino horn (to stop poaching)

Would you dress the same as your spouse (for 35 years?!)

On my must-read list: Bastards (7 children raised by five families, all reunited). So is this one: Bettyville.

Two articles on appearances:
Human Pelts: the art of preserving tattooed skin
Stop trying to convince me I’m beautiful

A map of Seattle’s Waterfront Street Ends

Seattlites: Did you know that Lyme Disease is in our town? We know someone that contracted it in her backyard in Kirkland. With the kiddies running amok outside, it’s time to do those pre-bed body checks. The mystery of chronic lyme disease. 

Last but not least: John Oliver takes on food waste. And a little info behind those arbitrary ‘sell by’ dates (I’m looking at you, KJ!!):

Hope you’re having a great week.



PS: I just bought this hair color kit and I’m trying to work up the courage to use it. So far, the model has been glaring it me from the box as I’ve thought up a million things to do besides beginning the process. What do you think, Peeps? Anyone have any color-from-a-box tips to pass along? I’m a complete newbie.