Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teachers on Strike! (and a few News and Reviews)

For the past two weeks our Seattle School District teachers have been on strike. This is a strike that has been a long time coming; frankly, our schools here in Seattle have suffered from insufficient funds, too many tests, poor teacher salaries, and too-high student/teacher ratios.

“I’m a rare book librarian. I get to touch books every single day. My colleague and I have a joke that we are Defenders of Wonder. A physical book assigns a sense of reverence to the content inside. It’s the same feeling you get when you look at a painting or hear a piece of music. And I think that’s something worth defending. And just like a book gives reverence to it’s content, I think the library gives reverence to books. The building itself is a masterpiece. So many famous thinkers have come here to study and write. Just being here connects you to that lineage.”

"Defenders of Wonder.” Perfect, right? The phrase has stuck with me the past few days and I realize that this is how I also view our local teachers. Defenders of Wonder, with the most important job in the world. 

The teacher’s union and the district came to a tentative agreement yesterday. It wasn’t a home-run hit for the teachers and I’m left feeling like the hard liners in the district have lost their sense of purpose. They are no longer Defenders of Wonder. We need to support our teachers so that they may continue their important work shaping our children into wonderful, caring citizens. 

Interestingly enough, Jay Inslee is a graduate of Willamette University School of Law. Chris and I both went to Willamette. I told the gov that he needed to step up his game and do a better job of representing all Bearcat alums out there. Especially since my kids first have to get through public school before joining Willamette’s esteemed ranks (as graduates of the classes of 2033 and 2036).  I’m sure he’ll get right on it. :)

Anyway, regardless, let’s have a jolly hurrah! for our local teachers and librarians. Because they are wonderful and their work critical. 

 Ok, moving on...

Last weekend we went fruit picking at the Jones Creek Farm up near Sedro-Wooley. We gorged ourselves silly on pears and apples. 

Ben and I also made an apple pie, which turned out really well. I’d made a pie last year for Thanksgiving and to be honest, it was kind of a bust. The top was crispy and the bottom crust was mushy. It shook my confidence in my pie-making abilities so it was nice to finally produce a perfect specimen. Which we promptly devoured. Apple pie for breakfast? Heck yeah. Chris got home from a business trip to Boston and discovered that there was only a solitary piece remaining.

Speaking of apple pies, how is this for a insanely fast way to peel a whole peck of apples?

In other news, would you eat at this new Seattle restaurant? Beatles? yes. Barnacles? yes. Duck embryos? umm....yes? maybe?

This documentary looks interesting: Meet the Patels: One man’s quest to find to find love the old-school Indian way. 

Speaking of stuff to watch: My mother-in-law recommended that we watch the PBS show “Call the Midwife” . I love it, but I watch it alone (no Chris!) as I end up sobbing every single time