Sunday, October 11, 2015

Halloween 2015: Under the Sea

I’ll post a few tutorials in a bit but here are the pictures from our little photo shoot today. Costumes are completed and have now been tucked away for the big day.

SCUBA Diver Tutorial
Update(2): Parrot Fish Tutorial

First up: Scuba diver.

Ben’s favorite part of this costume is that we got to drink root beer for a week to empty out the soda canister for his air tank. 

With his prized net. (aka the candy holding bag)

Regulator = baby pacifier + plastic plumbing part

I cheated a bit: both the mask and the dive chart I lifted from our stash of scuba gear. Adds a touch of authenticity.

The flippers are felt shoe covers. 

Oh no! Almost out of air! Head for the surface!

And then we have our little tropical parrot fish:

This is my favorite costume to date. The flamingo was fun, but I love the color and pattern of the fish scales. 

Have I told you that Emma has a thing for apples? She’ll carry them around for hours. Don’t get between this girl and her fruit. 

The tail is velcro-ed so it can be removed in a pinch and the back fin covers up the velcro opening. 

The head is made from an old pilot hat of Ben’s. The eyes are halved ping pong balls.

Tutorials coming soon.