Tuesday, November 24, 2015

House Update and News&Reviews

This has been a busy month for us. Things are humming right along on our kitchen demo. We finished pulling down the walls and ceiling, in the process carting off several thousand pounds of material to the dump. We also removed three layers of flooring. Our awesome electrician Steve came over and gave us pretty new lights; a huge improvement over the single florescent bulb that formerly ruled the kitchen.

Next up, we're going to pop some insulation into these walls (as someone that is perpetually cold, I am thrilled about this step) and have our drywall guy install some smooth new walls. We'll most likely be doing the floor and then...we wait. Our cabinets aren't expected to be done until mid-January. oomph. So we'll be eating lots of microwavable cheese pizza. :)

In other news,

How do you keep a light-hearted blog going when horrible things are happening in the world?
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Another installment of I, anonymous. 

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Happy Thanksgiving, peeps. We have some much in this country to be grateful for. Hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them.