Saturday, April 23, 2016

News and Reviews

We've had crazy hot weather here in Seattle this last week. The kids have been swimming in Lake Washington twice, which is an activity that we typically only do in the hot summer months. 

We've also had a chance to get our walking legs under us again. Unless you're Emma. She dawdled for about 100 feet and then decided she'd much rather ride. You've got those long legs, girlie, use 'em!

The group admires a slug. It was a minor miracle that this thing escaped alive. I can see two sets of shoes that were itching to stomp. 

Here are a few links (new and old) that caught my fancy:

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Emma=Easy Baby. Ben? Not so much. Some babies are just easier than others. 

31 things to do after you have a baby that no one will tell you

Vaccine aversion has fueled outbreaks [no big surprise here]

Too much, too young. Should schooling start at age 7?

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