Monday, December 05, 2016

Trying for a Green Thumb

And suddenly, surprisingly, it is the holiday season.  How did this happen?

So, here is your Question of the Day:

What do you think my chances are of keeping a plant alive? For the records, it's a maidenhair fern.

Background: I used to have a jade plant in our bathroom, which faces north and has a small window that provides a little indirect light. But then it got too giraffe-like and Chris rescued it and installed it in our kitchen, which gets plentiful, direct sunlight from the south.

Once the jade plant left, I promptly and successively killed three plants, who either didn't care for my watering style (sporadic, but plentiful. Think: Flash flood) or didn't get enough light.

The last victim:

But then I came across this little gem in the store today:

And best of all, here is the care description:

I think maybe....20% chance of survival. Wish me luck. 

Lab grown diamonds are becoming a thing! I'm actually so excited about this, probably on par with them coming out with fake meat that passes for the real deal. I love my engagement ring...but I also carry around a fair amount of guilt about how it was (probably) procured. 

Moose locked antlers then froze in a stream. When we went up to the Arctic circle this year, the tiny (but awesome!) visitor's center in Coldfoot had a pair of male caribou that had met a similar fate. Ugh. Not a good way to go.