Monday, January 16, 2017

Emma's Birthday & DIY Furniture

Whelp. You win some, you lose some.

We had Emma's third birthday party scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Ben started puking Saturday night.

Last year 300 employees at Chris' work got Norovirus thanks to some tainted food at a company party. Our family was affected by the outbreak and flashbacks from that hellish week made us unwilling to invite our extended family into our home for a potential repeat of that GI agony.

So we cancelled the shindig. Our family was gracious enough to meet us at a restaurant while Ben & Chris stayed home with takeout and movie. Fortunately, Emma was pretty thrilled with Plan B as it involved lemonade, pizza, and presents. And then we went home and ate the cake I'd made for the party. So all was not lost.

And Ben's puke event seems to have been a one time thing, and not the dreaded vicious stomach bug.

As for presents, I had fun this year making her some furniture.

When I was a kid I have very vivid memories of making a doll bed with my dad down in his shop. He'd fashioned a small work bench for me, complete with a mini vice, and tools best suited for small hands. I remember us drawing the template onto the wood and using a jigsaw to cut the headboard. My mom sewed a mattress and pillow.

Since our little girlie had become doll obsessed over the last few weeks, a homemade bed was clearly in order. And a pram, too, of course.

The plans for the pram are here. The bed was my own concoction.

Both fit an 18" doll. Emma is in love. She carts them everywhere and insists that they are positioned next to her each night as she falls asleep.

These two crazies. I love them so.