Saturday, February 11, 2017

News and Reviews

Happy Weekend! We are having a lazy few days and it feels lovely after an especially hectic January.

 Our neck of the woods got a slight dusting of snow early in the week which was especially exciting for the bambinos.

We had some neighborhood kids over for a bit of sledding and snowperson-making. They had a blast. And I was happy when school started up again. :)

The Wild Horses of the American West (part 1)

Ten minutes in Lituya Bay (the mysterious tale of a massive wave in a remote Alaska fjord)

Women: You are not equal. I'm sorry. 

What it's like to work (and live) in the White House

How a fugitive smuggler became an environmental hero

A reality show I might actually watch: An indigenous family of women in a new series titled Family Rules

This is how we need to do battle: Canada and Denmark are caught in a whiskey war

Only in the Pacific Northwest: flying eagle drops fish, causes power outage

19 lifesaving tips