Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Week In News

Hello! Happy Holidays!

I am feverishly sewing Christmas stockings this week in the hopes that they might be completed in time for the all-important night.

Here are a few interesting things happening in the world:

Photographer Spent Days Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match The Artworks They Observe (Hilarious!)

My Rescue in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest

A must-read for any parent but be warned that it is TERRIFYING: I’m a 37-Year-Old Mom & I Spent Seven Days Online as an 11-Year-Old Girl. Here’s What I Learned.

How a salmon scientist got hooked into a battle over the world’s largest gold mine

What's Brewing in Texas: Maggots: A taste of food’s future

Do you own any diamonds? How were they mined? By whom? Under what conditions? Next time, consider a lab-grown gem 

Tired of all the usual travel photos your friends post? Here's an instagrammer with an interesting theme: "Stef Dies" (not gruesome)

I'd love to do this sometime: conservation volunteering

On a school-related note: I love that this poster is up in the halls at our sweet little school. "Be the "I" in Kind"