Monday, October 16, 2006

Greg's Motorbike Trip down the Alcan

Chris' brother Greg and his friend Derek took a motorbike trip from Anchorage down to Seattle a couple weeks ago. According to Google Maps, it's about 2,384 miles from Anchorage to Seattle, not including Greg's sidetrip up to Fairbanks. That's a long drive.

Chris and I drove the Alcan back in 2003 but that was in a car; I simply can't imagine riding it on a motorbike. Greg said that the scenery and wildlife were incredible. I've heard from various people that you experience so much more riding on a motorbike than you do in a car.

Greg, you've got Chris itching to go on some motorbike adventures with you. We can't wait for you to come down and visit us although Chris will probably snatch you immediately into the garage for some extended motorbike repair talks.

See you soon!