Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh California!

Hello! I've had quite an exciting week so far. Here is what I've done:

I spent my week trying not to hit cows that were standing in the road...

Getting the evil stink eye from this one. ..

Feeing my lunch apple to this guy because he's a better beggar than Bailey and I couldn't do my work with him following me all over the place ...

Trying to get a decent picture of this hummingbird (I failed)..
Counting deer (how many can you spot in this picture?)..
Feeling sorry for this poor cow..

And feeling even sorrier for this cow (now named Daisy) because she's obviously in some distress and has been sitting in the same place for three days out in the hot sun. After my experience with the cow (pictured above), I'm a little nervous about approaching Daisy, injured or not. If she hasn't expired by tomorrow then I'm going to work up the gumption to giver her some water. We went to a brew house tonight for dinner; their specility is hamburgers. I couldn't bear the thought of a hamburger. What if it was our poor Daisy?!! It's killing me.