Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Tasks

We went to look at new cars today; it's a tiring process. I was practically ready for a nap when we got home. Instead, I worked on our holiday newsletter, which, after reviewing the final product, doesn't look "holiday-y" at all. I guess it'll be my anti-holiday newsletter. It'll probably be another couple weeks before I actually get them out the door since I'll be out of town all next week. It took me five hours to drive home from my job site last week and I have to go to the same place tonight. Yippee. Instead of doing house work and laundry, I procrastinated and made almond roca, my favorite. We have two work Christmas parties right in a row next week and since I won't be home to make anything this week, it was imperative that I get started today. We'll just have some slightly stale almond roca.

Chris and Greg have been practically living in the garage recently. They stayed out there until 2 am last night and were back at work by 8 am. Evidently, they're under the impression that they're going to start up the motorbike today. I'll be the first to admit that I'm feeling a little bit disgruntled about this whole motorbike thing. I was under the impression that this would be at least a six or eight month project for Chris. That way, I'd have plenty of time to get used to the idea of him riding a motorcycle on city streets. Instead, it's barely been a month and a half!! What the heck?!?! I'm considering sending Greg back home so he can't help Chris anymore; that might slow him down by at least a week or two. This was a motorcycle that we literally received in pieces (except the transmission). Every part from the engine to the gas tank was taken apart down to each individual wire and gasket. And now it's all put back together. Some long-term project this has turned out to be! I'm currently perusing ebay for a sidecar that we can stick Bailey in so he can come along on our little jaunts.