Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fresh Fruit

I finally located the tiny Santa Ana Farmer's Market yesterday. It's only open for a couple hours once a week and it had a grand total of five stalls. It's a start though, right?! I've been unhappy with our produce lately. We usually go to Trader Joe's but all their stuff is pre-packaged and Chris and I simply can't consume a whole sack of potatoes before they go bad or we get really sick of them. What if I only want one tomato instead of six? I've noticed lately that they've had a couple bins of apples that you can pick through. I like the "selecting" part of getting produce. So, I wasn't happy with Trader Joes and we don't have very many other produce-friendly shops in our immediate vicinity. I don't know how we've lived in Santa Ana for two years and I never thought of the Farmer's Market. BTW, the picture above it not from the SA market, I stole is off the internet somewhere.
Santa Ana is actually a really great place to buy fresh stuff, especially Mexican food. It's a big deal around Christmas and Thanksgiving for people to visit a local store and select a live turkey or duck. You pick, they (kill and) pluck it, and off you go.

I've been trying to convince Chris that we needed a couple of chickens for fresh eggs but I haven't gotten very far, despite my (usually) persuasive arguments. One of my co-workers has a couple in his backyard and I think it's a lovely idea. But I doubt that's going to happen. Plus, Bails would probably take one look at a hen and spend the day chasing it all over the yard. Doggie heaven.

On a completely different note: Congratulations to J & F for their lovely news.