Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I went hiking with a couple of girlfriends this weekend up in Santiago Canyon. Last year Chris and I had a rather unpleasant experience with biting black flies in this location but Sunday was relatively bug-free. It was very hot, however, and our hike was pretty much straight up hill. Bailey stayed in front for the first couple of hours but then took to hopping between strategically placed bushes that provided some shade.

Bailey and his backpack

Finally, Bails decided that he'd had enough hiking and climbed into this bush. Here Heather and I are trying to coax him out.
Refusing to come out.
After dousing him with cool water and feeding him biscuits, I grabbed him by the handle on his backpack and hauled him onto the trail. We pointed him in the downward direction and he made it home without any further difficulties. He is still incredibly sore today and is limping along like an old man. We've been giving him lots of TLC though so don't feel too sorry for him!