Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bath Time

We took pity on our poor pooch and gave him a bath inside rather than subjecting him to the freezing cold water produced by the outdoor hose. Despite the generous gesture, Bailey did not express any gratitude and concentrated on escaping the tub. Clearly a bath, including a warm water bath, was not a desired event.
The beast escaped not once, but twice(!), and I had to haul him, screaming, back into the tub. Don't let these pictures fool you. It is incredibly hard work to haul a squirming mass of wet and soapy dog over the lip into the tub. We had water dripping from the ceiling and awash on the floor by the time we were done.
He's only staying put in the pictures because I've threatened him within an inch of his life. You're supposed to let the soap sit on the dog for three minutes before it can be washed off. Those were the longest three minutes of my life! And check out the amount of dog hair in the tub. Thankfully I managed to snag most of it before it headed down the drain.
Finally done!


  1. Gus doesn't like bath time either, I know just how hard it is to keep them in the tub!

  2. Oh man, one time Emma escaped from the sink right after we'd soaped her. It was definitely like chasing a greased pig (though I must admit I've never chased a greased pig before). The hardest part was how funny it was--the laughter make it challenging to catch her. I can only imagine what that's like with a full-sized beastie!

  3. It's horrible too. I was so ticked at Bails but I couldn't get too mad because I was laughing so hysterically. Chris is reporting that he's still trying to get all the dog hair off the walls.