Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Activities

This has been a fairly quiet weekend for us so far. Chris and a friend from school went for a bike ride while I took Bailey for a walk and then waged a ferocious battle with the beast (see post below) this morning. Chris worked on the motorbike this afternoon and I did some gardening and then took a nap out in the sun. Weather wise, it's been a bit of a strange day. It poured buckets for the past several days but it cleared up this afternoon for a couple hours. It's raining again tonight and it's supposed to continue for a while. I feel a tad bit guilty celebrating the fact that we're having so much rain when I know that friends and family in climates farther north are tired of the wet weather. However, Southern California has been in the middle of a rather severe drought for a while and the moisture is desperately needed. We're refilling our groundwater aquifers. And it's a nice change from the 'normal' weather.

Chris went into work tonight and I spent a great deal of time puttering around the house. And I worked on my drawings. I should explain. Someday I'd really like to build a house using an alternative building method like rammed earth, strawbale, or corn cob. Chris is enthusiastic about the idea, provided that we start with a 'test' structure, like a barn or an outbuilding. So tonight I devised a office/guest quarters/potting shed 'outbuilding'. It's far more grand that I originally planned and probably not what Chris had in mind. But it was fun to mess around with the program. I'm actually not sold on the design; it's a bit stiff. But I probably have 20 years to come up with the final floor plans so I'm not sweating it...
(you can click on the image to enlarge)
This is mostly just fooling around with patterns...
The images are a bit funky because I had to create them in autosketch, transfer them to word, and then transfer them again to photoshop in order to save them as jpegs.