Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Feet

I finally got my chacos back in the mail. I sent them in for new straps since Bailey, in his one act of civil disobedience, had chewed them when he first arrived at our house, almost three years ago. I repaired the straps as best I could but decided that they needed a clean overhaul before our Belize trip. So off to Colorado they went.

I love chacos, despite their rather ugly appearance. They have great arch support and I don't have to worry that they'll cause problems if they get wet or muddy. Simply pop them in the wash and they're good to go.

One year an assistant crew coach at Willamette lured a bunch of rowers back to Montana for the summer to work as river guides. I didn't go but it looked like a neat experience and there are times when I wish I had. It was a brilliant idea, really. Rowers are perfect river guides. Anyway, they all came back to school with perfect "chaco tans", of which they were incredibly proud. I was definitely a chaco convert after that.