Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing Hooky

Core members of the Waterstone Hiking Club decided that a cold weather adventure was needed for our next outing. Mysteriously, seven Waterstone staff members called in sick on Monday, citing flu-like symptoms and a hacking cough*.

Mindy icing her knees.
Sonja and Mindy (the only two helmet-wearers)

Summer and Maggie (I was only the chair lift too but I'm not very good at holding the camera and I inadvertently cut myself out of the picture)Mindy
Brianne on the people mover
(conveyor belt up to the restaurant and bunny slope)
Strapping In.
It turned out that I was the only skier of the group. The other girls decided that snowboarding was way cooler than skiing. They spent the morning practicing their heel edge turns. I learned how to snowboard in college (thank you Linday and Peter) and decided that I should practice my skiing. I had a nice lesson in the morning and then met up with the girls for lunch and an afternoon session.
The Team.

*I must confess: We had the permission of our bosses to ditch work for the day. Yes, our bosses are awesome...