Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing Hooky

Core members of the Waterstone Hiking Club decided that a cold weather adventure was needed for our next outing. Mysteriously, seven Waterstone staff members called in sick on Monday, citing flu-like symptoms and a hacking cough*.

Several hours later, those same staffers were seen gleefully tearing down the hills at the Mountain High Ski Resort outside of Wrightwood, California.

Here is the gang before hitting the slopes: Heather took a bit of a tumble and bruised her tailbone. Thankfully there was plenty of ice on hand to prevent swelling.

Mindy icing her knees.
Sonja and Mindy (the only two helmet-wearers)

Summer and Maggie (I was only the chair lift too but I'm not very good at holding the camera and I inadvertently cut myself out of the picture)Mindy
Brianne on the people mover
(conveyor belt up to the restaurant and bunny slope)
Strapping In.
It turned out that I was the only skier of the group. The other girls decided that snowboarding was way cooler than skiing. They spent the morning practicing their heel edge turns. I learned how to snowboard in college (thank you Linday and Peter) and decided that I should practice my skiing. I had a nice lesson in the morning and then met up with the girls for lunch and an afternoon session.
The Team.

*I must confess: We had the permission of our bosses to ditch work for the day. Yes, our bosses are awesome...