Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photo O' the Day: Roach Coach

I may, on occasion, complain heartily about living in the vicinity of Los Angeles: bad traffic, smog, heat, crime, etc. But there is one aspect in which LA is the absolute best: The Roach Coach. There is no better source of cheap tacos than those made by those cleanliness-challenged taco shops on wheels. They make a mean taco: two warm corn tortillas, carne asada, onions, and cilantro. No cheese. Sometimes salsa for dipping or avocado chunks sprinkled on top. The fat from the carne asada drips down into the carton, making the taco too hot to handle for a couple minutes. Rice and beans are occasionally served on the side, along with marinated vegetables and homemade chips. Your local taco truck personnel may not be proficient in english so here is a mediocre spanish translation: "Buenas dias senora (always a woman, sometimes a senorita). Por favor, quiero dos tacos de carne asada (or pollo, chicken), con todos (every thing. Don't wimp out and ask that the onions be removed), para llevar (to go)". If she asks about rice and beans (arroz y frijoles): "Si, por favor".

The tacos may look small, but in the picture above, I was only able to eat one, plus the veggies, and some beans. The rest was dinner. Pure greasy goodness.

This set of tacos even came with a smile: