Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Mad Dash and the Pool Party

Saturday started out bright and early with a trip to the pottery studio. They were pulling finished pieces out of the kiln and I hung around watching the process. Which made me late. I returned home to discover both Heather and Mindy waiting on my doorstop. We jumped back in the car and headed off to REI for their used gear sale. Arriving 30 minutes early was way too late to make it to the head of the line; some guys had been there since 9 pm Friday night. It was a made dash once they opened the gates: people were snapping things up left and right. I threw a few elbows and managed to secure a good pair of hiking pants (Safari, Africa) (only missing the top button) and a slightly used rain jacket (Christmas, Seattle).

The line
I was hoping for a down jacket (Thanksgiving, Alaska) but it was a clean-out of their summer stuff: tents, backpacks, hiking boots. Maybe next spring they'll have something available
Next up: The 40th birthday party for a coworker
Here is the birthdy boy himself, having a jolly good time