Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Ugly Teapot

This was a 'whoops' that actually looks moderately artistic. I've been telling people that I did it that way on purpose. So far, they're actually believing me.

This glaze is called lipstick purple. Interesting but not as good as the dark cobalt blues, in my opinion. The pot on the left is the result of a raku firing. Different, but not my favorite.

Thank you Rebecca for being so enthusiastic about your pottery class; I'm so glad I signed up. For those of you in the Santa Ana/Orange County Area, Aardvark Pottery is the studio where I've been going. I would highly recommend them to beginners, as well as the more advanced potter. Both of my instructors were very knowledgeable; one was a production potter, the other was a high school pottery teacher with 30 years experience.