Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Say What?

I was reading commentary the other day on this website, specifically hate mail from readers directed at the blog author. These comments stuck out:

"Just like no one cares about a wedding except for the bride, no one cares about a kid, unless it's theirs."


"Perhaps you find your dog infinitely interesting, but the rest of us would like to see more photos that extend past your home and backyard."

Ouch! Such vitriol.

What happened to the days when people were polite on the internet? Nobody is making them read her blog. No twisted arms. I can imagine that seeing pictures of Bailey and discussing our weekend hike (the same hike, every weekend) could get boring. A while back, a friend make the comment, "well, I kind of stopped checking your blog. There were too many pictures of tadpoles". Yeah, I can see why that could get old. But a part of me also likes checking in other people through their websites. I many be lousy at communication (an email? a phone call? a luncheon?) but I am damn good at reading websites on a daily basis. That's kind of sad, huh? Since when did keeping in touch become so difficult?

And of course, I think my wedding was the most exciting, gorgeous, and lovely event of the year (century, maybe?), and my dog is the most intelligent, playful, sweetheart that ever graced this earth. Duh.