Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fast Food Nation, Sonja Style

Wow, this was an appallingly disgusting day, food-wise. Here is a list of the victuals that I consumed today:

I got off to a good start:
Cheerios with fruit (a peach, to be exact)
And then took a massive nose dive into barely edible junk:

Nutri-grain bar (not too bad)

Carl’s Junior French Fries
1/2 cup of a super-sized 7-UP (the remaining portion was spilled over my field notes and IN my hard hat. Yes, IN MY HARD HAT)

One giant bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream (with chocolate sauce, of course) (and damn it was good)

Wow. Really, really bad. I’m shocked that I even have the energy to type this post. I should have crashed hours ago.

Of course, I have excuses, some of them are even halfway decent too.

First up, Chris is in New York for business. It stinks. Please come home. I miss you.

Secondly, I’ve been working loooong days in the field in LA and it is blisteringly hot this time of year. I bet I have a better sunburned neck than you do right now. Sign me up for redneck of the year. I like being outside, rather than glued to a computer for the day, (and my field work isn’t nearly as hard as the work that our drillers do) but I had a long day so I feel entitled to complain, just a bit. And to be lazy and eat ice cream for dinner.

Third, making healthy food would require that I clean the dirty dishes in the sink. To make room in the sink for the dirty dishes on the counter. To clear space on the counter to make healthy food. This isn’t normal for our house; usually it’s halfway clean (excepting loads of dog hair) but this week? Yeah, not so much. It’s a pig pen. And it’s my fault too, since I’m the only one home to make the messes.

Unless, of course, one considers the mess that our dog gleefully participated in the other night. I came home (around 9:30 pm, having left the house around 5:45 am. Chris was still at school) to find that our darling dog had rolled in something awful, nasty and very, very dead. He reeked. It was beyond gross. It was also a not-so-subtle “ok, so you’re going to leave me, alone, in the yard for 16 hours without love and attention? Fine (or probably, more accurately, #@$%! you). I’ll go have fun by myself. ”

I’m sure he had fun spending the night outside last night too, by his stinky lonesome self. As you can imagine, it was bath time when I got home from work today.

Ok, I think it’s time to crash. Besides, by going to bed, I can avoid the dirty dishes for one more day.