Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Activities

First Saturday of the Month=Tons of garage sales in our neighborhood

Our next door neighbors had a sale and their kids set up a lemonade stand in front of the house. Fun times for the kiddies but appallingly awful lemonade for their patrons (Chris and I).
There was no time for us to dilly dally around the neighborhood looking at garage sales, however. At 11 it was off to the fantasy football draft pick BBQ at Everett's house. Fantasy Football?! Sonja?! Into football? Why yes, I like football. I've always been a fan of sports that require lots of spandex: rowing, swimming, biking, and yes, football. Basketball and baseball? No, not so much.

Actually, I hate football but, as our longtime readers will remember this post, I made a mistake last year by not joining the Waterstone Fantasy Football League. Here is what happened:

Ok, last but not least, your dose of daily events from my office. It's a rather well known fact that I'm not a huge football fan. Not a huge fan of most organized sports in general. My officemates have been absolutely obsessed with a fantasy football league for the past several months. It dominates the lunchroom conversation. I made a tactical
error early on by declining to join the league. Had I joined, I would have had something interesting to discuss. But no, I thumbed my nose at fantasy football and consequently suffered through the rest of the season. It was all in good fun, of course. I have a lovely group of coworkers that are a delightful bunch. But still, I would have thought that football talk would have run its course...eventually.....not the case.
Fantasy football wrapped up last weekend and in honor of my public football disgust, they named the first place trophy after me. I'd like to present to you: The J Trophy from the Waterstone/Millennium Fantasy Football League.

It was toted around the office today and everyone (me included) got a good kick out it. At least they didn't name the loser's trophy after me! And who knows, maybe next year, I'll join get my own fantasy team.

I did get my own team. Or rather, I'm one-third of the Trophy Girls Fantasy Football Team. Heather and Mindy are the other two members. The Trophy Girl name comes from the fact that my name is on the trophy and because Heather and I are in it mostly for the social aspect. Mindy is really the only one that pays attention to football. As you can see (below), I'm having fun while poor Mindy is diligently trying to put a football team together.
Chris, while not a part of the league, came along for moral support. He probably knows un poco mas about football than I do but not a whole lot more.
Instead, we played with Howard, Everett's spunky little rat dog. He's a stitch. He may be small but he is extremely talented at balancing on his hind legs to steal food off the table or from party goer's plates.
He was adored by all (and gleefully submits to kisses from Mindy)
But loved Chris most of allHow could you not love this face?

Plus, we got to check out Everett's chickens! Yes, even Chris was hooked. We're currently designing our coop setup; the Santa Ana municipal code be damned. The teams gathering round the football lineup. Hey, where is Sonja? Oh, in the back playing with Howard. Not paying any attention to football.... Poor Mindy.
This morning it was off to the Santa Ana River for a quick swim.
Check out that blue sky. I swear there was no digital tampering.
Tonight we're laying low, eating some ribs and making homemade ice cream. Yum. Hope you had a great weekend.