Thursday, October 02, 2008

These pretzels are makin' me thirsty!

One of our cooking magazines had a pretzel recipe that we decided to try.

We started out well: Yeast was first

A nice frothy mixture
(a sign of fresh yeast)Had a minor mishap when I added both the butter and the butter packaging.
But we moved past that and had a nice dough
Rolled it out...
Into pretzel-like shapes
And then plopped them into boiling water. This is where we started to have issues. They didn't retain their shape in the water bath.
After we baked them, they sort of looked like pretzels although upon closer examination, they more closely resembled the fake dog poos that we used to put under the teacher's desk in 3rd grade (Thank you Archie McPhee).
In summary, we needed to pay more attention during the water bath step, more closely monitor the baking phase, and to use less salt. I'll let you know how round two turns out.