Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Day of Work

Good bye my little cubicle. It's been a nice four years. You've been through a lot:

Putting up with my never-ending procession of Beta fish, long boring conversations on the phone, my incessant mumbling, dirty field socks stuffed in the corner, loud chewing of granola in the morning, not to mention that prickly piece of tumbleweed that Summer and I picked up at a lonely site near Bakersfield [Sorry, Liana and Colleen: I forgot to throw it out yesterday!]. You've also never been this clean and tidy; at least not since that cold March day I moved in almost four years ago. Hopefully your next occupant with be clean(er), and for the sake of my [former] fellow co-workers, someone that doesn't chomp on granola every morning.

Thanks, WS. You are fabulous.