Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends and Family,

We usually send out a holiday newsletter come December 15th but this year we are feverishly packing our earthly belongings into boxes and bags in preparation for our grand northward migration. After four delightful years of living in Southern California, we have decided to move back to Seattle, putting us closer to friends and family. We’ll arrive in the Pacific Northwest three days before Christmas, likely exhausted and ready for some strong eggnog.

Due to chaotic work schedules, mad packing of our household items, and some lovely vacation days spent in Alaska, we’ve had little time to put together our annual holiday card. Forgive us, please. At the moment, our library of digital photos from the year is buried, along with the computer, in a box stashed in the garage. This weekend that box (along with many others) will be loaded into a giant, room-sized storage box, and trucked north. We’ll follow in the car. Chris’ brother Greg and his girlfriend Katherine have generously offered to drive one of our automobiles up, graciously submitting themselves to the mind-numbing monotony of Interstate 5.

Upon arrival in the Emerald City, Chris will throw himself into his position at HighMark, while Sonja will do her best to find gainful employment. Given the current state of the economy, she might find herself taking off more time than originally planned. In that event, she’ll become an excellent house-hunter and walker of their dear pup, Bailey. Perhaps she’ll even have time to produce an awesome post-holiday newsletter. We promise that we’ll eventually send out a complete update, along with some sort of mailing address, when we finally find a place to call home. Best wishes for a joyful holiday and a prosperous new year.

Chris and Sonja