Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo O' the Day: Lots O' Pots

So I'll be the first to admit that my Photo O' the Day series has been rather pathetic as of late. I'm going to blame it on a busy work and packing schedule. Can't you see that I'm attempting to make up for it by posting tons tonight?! Be forewarned though: you probably won't be getting much blogging out of me for the next several days as we'll be starting our GRAND NORTHWARD ADVENTURE. Well, we will if they ever open up the Grapevine. Talk about bad weather timing. It's starting to look like Seattle around here, what with all this rain and snow stuff. We're seriously thinking about ditching the Seattle plans and moving farther south. Sorry padres. Costa Rica, here we come! jk.

Anyway, Mindy and I had our last pottery class tonight and I was pathetically pleased with some of my creations. It's always a bit of a crap shoot with pottery because you never know quite how the glaze is going to turn out. It's a whole lot of chemistry that I don't understand but it has a lot to do with the temperature and duration of the firing process. But by golly, these aren't half bad. At least for me, they aren't half bad. Not anything you'd want to display in your home, but clearly my standards are significantly lower than yours. :)

You can't tell from the photo (I forgot to adjust the camera for the crappy artificial light) but these canisters are an AWESOME bright blue green. And check out those cool lids. I'm totally stoked about these guys, which is good since my early pots were god-awful.