Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo O' the Day: Bowling Phenom

So I have some pretty awesome coworkers. Let me explain: I consider myself to be a fairly rational person, not given to silly and unexplainable theatrics. Except when it comes to bowling. For some reason, in 5th grade PE class, I decided that I hated bowling. The reason, if such an explanation even existed, has long since disappeared from my memory. But, I stuck by my little 5th grade self and haven't bowled since. Not once. Not during friend's birthday parties, not during our high school graduation party, not during late, late night excursions during college. I would happily tromp off to the bowling alley and sit in the little couch area while other people bowled. Crazy and irrational, right? Upon hearing this bit of unbelievable news, one of my co-workers decided that we need to head immediately down to our local bowling alley to end this long, long dry spell. So off we trundled. I'm not going to embarrass myself by telling you my final score, or by giving away the number of gutter balls that I threw (plenty), but it actually wasn't too bad. Fun, really. And the food was half decent, too. So, in conclusion it's probably wise to never listen to a 5th grader, especially if the uppity punk happens to be you.