Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Living in a Zoo

What do unemployed people do? Well, if you're me, you truck right on over to the Woodland Park Zoo to check out the new exhibits (thank you Padres for the membership!). And, if you are also me, you feel decidedly out of place among the mother/child combos frolicking around with their giant strollers and sippy cups. Not that I don't like children (or sippy cups, for that matter), I just felt like I should steal one (a child, not a sippy cup) so I blended in a little more. As I told my mom when I got back, 'it doesn't look so good for the towering 27 year old [me] to shove the tiny two year olds out of the way in order to get a better view of the gorillas'. I just need a tyke who can do the child-to-child pushing for me, in order to facilitate the better gorilla view.
Please let me know if you have any children available for borrowing. I promise I won't corrupt your darling little Penelope or Ferdinand [too much].
A warning for all you occasional readers of this blog: I have it on good authority that the Photos O' the Day (for the next few days) will likely have a zoological theme. Check back in a week if you prefer to skip the (awesome, incredible, brilliant) animal photos.