Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Tale of the Incendiary Canine

We can't get over the fact that our goofball dog is always placing his fuzzy backside directly in front of the fireplace. See previous post regarding his antics here. He clearly hasn't yet adjusted to Northwest living.


My mom got this really cool device for Christmas that my papa picked up in the tool section of the hardware store. It's a digital thermometer gun that can measure temperature from far away. It has a little laser on it too which is providing endless entertainment for our crazy dog (video coming shortly).


Anyway, here is the experiment:


1) Take one sleeping mutt that has placed himself directly in front of the fire and is contentedly chasing squirrels in doggie dream land,

2) Measure fur temperature with heat gun

184.6 degrees Fahrenheit. YIKES! Hot Diggity Dog!

3) Come to the conclusion that the fuzzy dog is going to catch on fire in decidedly short order