Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mea Culpa

Fresh Buttermilk

So I'm going to eat a big dose of crow here and hope that you didn't follow my butter-making instructions. In short, they sucked. Well, they were slightly misleading and didn't include an essential step. I basically threw in the cream and starting cranking without doing proper research. Shoddy work. Anyway, last night the entire family participated in a butter making experiment and we did a little internet surfing beforehand and discovered some additional steps. Who knew you had to wash the butter?! Anyway, I've amended our previous post to reflect the correct sequence of events and added a few additional photos.

On a side note, my dad discovered that his garbage dump butter churn was likely produced around 1920 and has a going rate of about 90 bucks on ebay. Not too shabby.
Click here for the amended recipe.