Monday, March 23, 2009

On Down the Line

Today was spent tromping through the forest, doing some more invisible fence work. Check out my nifty overalls. Actually, they're mom's. And they're awesome. Please disregard the fact that I have what appears to be a giant chest. I have a voltmeter stuffed down the bib.

Yeah, that thing. A voltmeter. I was using it to check the electrical resistance of the line. Why was it stuffed down the front of my coveralls? Why, I ran out of pockets, of course.
My faithful companion. Making comfy leaf nests while I fiddled with the line.

A HA!! The broken link!!! Hooray!

More Dog photos. Let me interpret the Beast's thoughts for you: "Oh, glorious sun! I used to know you, back when I lived in California, but now I see your lovely face so rarely. "

And again, more dog translations: "Whoa! Is that an aplodontia rufa I hear up there? Were I not so lazy, I would investigate immediately. "
So, did I fix the fence? Umm, maybe. I fixed the break and tested the wire. It all checked out but I think the collar may be out of batteries. So I'll keep you posted on my progress. Once the new battery arrives.
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