Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Contemplative Biking

After my husband thoroughly creamed me this weekend on our bike ride (and I quote Chris directly: "It's hard for me to go this slow"), I decided that a training regimen was in order. So today I hopped on my bike and did a nice hour long an average speed of 12.4 mph. On a flat trail. Yes, I could probably beat a slug in head-to-head competition, but clearly, not much else. I. am. slow. BUT, that's the point, right? I'm starting off slowly and gaining speed and endurance. Really, I'm setting the bar low so that I have tons of room for improvement. At least that's what I've been telling myself. Here I am pausing to contemplate my slowness at the very nicely restored wetland that is located immediately adjacent to the UW-Bothell campus.
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