Monday, April 06, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Frog

Chris spotted this frog on the garage door last night. What a find! We'll have to do some research to determine its identify. I am a bit disappointed with the pictures; they're all too dark and I lost a fair amount of detail by lightening them up. Part of my problem was that I was shooting against a bright white background with indoor (read: crappy) lighting. Perhaps I'll have to construct that lightbox that Eric told me about. Yo Eric! Where can I find the link to the lightbox? Muchas gracias!


  1. i shouldn't after your last stunt, but if i don't the google/wiki queen will steal my thunder...

  2. Still mad? Humph! Well, I guess you do have a valid reason.

    Thanks for the link! I'd better get cracking, so I'm prepared the next time we stumble across a photographic subject.