Sunday, April 05, 2009


So, the women in my family pretty much make one type of cake: velvet spice cake. It's not that we lack the ability to make other types of cakes, it's just that we seem to prefer the spice cake to all others. If you're going to go to all the trouble and fuss to make a cake, why not make the one you're going to enjoy the most? As testament to the quality of this cake [yes, I'm going to shamelessly brag about my mother here], the caterers at our wedding were so impressed with the madre's cake that they asked for the recipe. And they've tasted their way through a lot of wedding cakes.
While at my friend Jenny's house the other day, she commented that she likes to make cakes using her bundt pan because they instantly come out with a beautiful shape and no cake leveling or layering is required. Brilliant. I whipped up our trusty spice cake recipe and topped it with a lemon frosting drizzled with a rice chocolate sauce. Heaven, if I do say so myself. [ok, done with the self congratulatory post]