Monday, May 18, 2009

Gems from the Old Folks

I guess if you live to be 98 years old you should be allowed a fair bit of leeway. We had the following conversations with my grandpa this weekend:

While we were over having brunch on Sunday:
Mom [to grandpa]: "Dad, it looks like you have a stain on your sweater here".
Grandpa: "Oh. Yeah, I see that. I have a lady.....Um, I have a lady that..."
Mom: "You have a lady that does your laundry for you?"
Grandpa: "Yeah, that's right. A lady comes and does my laundry".
Mom: "That's right, do you. That lady is me. I am the laundry lady".
Grandpa: "Oh".

And today, just after my uncle had left their apartment:

Sonja [talking to grandpa on the phone]: "Hi Grandpa, this is your granddaughter, Sonja".
Grandpa: "I have a granddaughter?"
Sonja: "Yep, and I'm a pretty good one, too".
Grandpa: "Oh. Hey, listen, you need to come over here. This strange fellow over here is trying to tell Harriet [my grandmother] something and I think she's buying it."
Sonja: "Grandpa, that 'fellow' would be your son, Bill. And he's giving Nana [grandmother] a new wheeled cart today. "
Grandpa: "I have a son?"
Sonja: "Oh boy..."
.....lots of explaining later....
Sonja: "Ok, grandpa, I love you and I'll talk to you later"
Grandpa: "Well that'll be good. I really need to get some good information around here. "