Saturday, June 13, 2009

Biking...and More Biking. When will it end?

So: It turns out that my Papa and Chris were actually serious way back in January when they were talking about doing the Seattle To Portland (STP) Bike Ride. And here I though it was just all talk. Eh, I should know better by now. So I guess we're doing the STP. Wish me lots of luck; I'm going to need loads of it.

In preparation for that 200 mile ride, we participated in Cascade Bicycle's Flying Wheel Ride, which begins and ends in Marymoor Park (in Redmond). I was planning on doing the 65 mile ride (trying to ease into this whole bike thing) but I was feeling sufficiently relaxed enough (or coasting off the energy gel super high) that at the 30 mile mark decided to join Dad and Chris for the century (100 mile ride). [what on earth was I thinking?].

Unfortunately, my participation brought the pace down fairly significantly, despite Dad and Chris pulling me along. Combined with a late start and my lagging energy, we decided to take a short cut and pulled into the finish line with a good 80 miles under our belt. I had a lovely time, despite being bone tired, and I am so grateful to have such patient and encouraging family members. Thank you Papa and Chris!

I also had a rather unfortunate tumble about 40 feet from the finish line. Not exactly my best entrance, to date. Thankfully, most folks had headed home by the time I made it back to the park so only my mom and Jesse (and a few other riders) witnessed my lovely meeting with the pavement. We're pretty sure that I had a slowly leaking tire and it rolled under as I made a sharp turn to head under the banner. Sonja, meet asphalt. Ouch. I am going to have one heck of a sore hip but I suppose I can add another bruise to my collection [falling down the stairs, running into the wall, etc.]. All in all it was a good day and I'm glad that I was able to make it 80 miles without completely blacking out. Surely that is a success, no?