Friday, June 12, 2009

When It Rains It Pours

Our Blue Moon Hive swarmed yesterday. We've been concentrating so much on our Mud Honey Hive that we neglected the other. They landed about 22 feet up in our neighbor's tree. My dad went to heroic lengths to cut them down (think one ladder, two saws, and several windsurfing masts) and they are currently settling into a new hive near the side lawn. We've put every single foundation into the hives and we're still need more space. We weren't expecting to use all our honey supers until August. Back to the bee store we go.

In the good news department, it looks like our Mud Honey Hive has accepted their new queen. Hooray! I have pictures, of both the new queen and the swarm but they will have to wait to Sunday. This is going to be a crazy weekend.