Thursday, June 11, 2009

Olivia....Or Maybe something else?

So I'm thinking about renaming Olivia the chicken. I like the name Olivia too much to bestow it upon...well, not my favorite chicken. I'm mean, she's ok. But not great. She's very skittish and and peckish and constantly rebuffs my efforts at being friendly. Winnie and Phoebe are cuddlers and well... Olivia isn't. So I'm pondering new names, as horrible as that is.

On a side note: How do [human] mothers not have favorites among their children? I mean, it is possible to love all children equally? As a single child, I was always the best, most brilliant child....and the crankiest, moodiest storm cloud, all wrapped in one. I'll occasionally call my mom up and say: "Hi Mom, it's your favorite daughter!" And I'm always impressed (and downright thankful) that she's never replied: "Well, and my least-favorite one too!".
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