Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Chicken Chronicles: 1 Month

A brief update on our little ladies:Growing Pains: They don't fit in their carry case anymore. To think, that they fit with miles of extra space when we first brought them home.Disjointed Growing Pains: Their heads haven't caught up with the rest of their bodies, size-wise. Or with their feet. Their dogs are GIANT.

Here are the portraits from their 1-month photo shoot.

As you probably noticed, we're still trying to decide on a name for the Chicken-Formerly-Known-As-Olivia. Perhaps we should should just call her Prince. Or change her name to a symbol. I was liking the name Greta but Chris is partial to Ollie. Or maybe it's because he dislikes Greta. We'll let you know as to our final decision in a few days.