Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Queen and Her Cage

Here are a couple photos of our new Mud Honey Queen. She's the one that was piping yesterday as she was being placed into the hive. Sort of a: "I have ARRIVED! All you other queens better watch out!". Normally, this queen, upon release from her cage, would go around and stab all the other queens to death. The other queens were laid by our original queen, before she departed with the swarm. They are still within their cells and consequently can't defend themselves from the pointy end of our present queen. Since we didn't want to leave anything to chance, we did her dirty work by dispatching all of the yet-to-be born queens. This queen is marked with a green dot, indicating that she was born in a year ending in a '9', in this case 2009. Her dot is somewhat visible in this picture.