Monday, July 06, 2009

Fish Lake Weekend

This little guy had the gall to swim between Bailey's legs. In typical fashion, the Beast was oblivious to this amphibian's proximity, instead preferring to greedily gulp nasty brown water from the mud hole. Oh! Is that a duck I hear? I must investigate immediately!Out and about in the boat. We had some rather shallow waters to navigate so Papa practiced his gondolier skills under he reached deeper water. Has anyone ever used an electric outboard motor before? This one ran off a car battery and was perfect for tooling around the lake. Best of all it was extremely quiet and allowed for the boat occupants to carry on a conversation. Ditch that stinky and loud two stroke! Go electric! Mom, checking out a diving osprey.

And last but not least, we will leave you with another photo of the Beast, craning his neck to catch a glimpse of a passing muskrat. Anyone had any close encounters with a muskrat? No? Well, we quickly dubbed this one the dog paddling turd. It was the perfect description. Sorry, no photos. We also missed out on photos of the river otters, the osprey, and the skunk. A good weekend for wildlife.

We made it home late Saturday night, just in time to watch a few fireworks across the lake in Kirkland. Things seemed a bit subdued this year and the Beast quickly settled down after a few joyful laps around the house. He had, after all, dragged his sorry carcass up a mountain earlier in the day.

And that is the extent of our weekend photo montage. Sunday was spent working on the bikes and enjoying a nice eveing ride to Ballard. I'm also back at work painting the pantry; hopefully that task will keep me out of trouble for a wee little while.