Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's about time this blog finally got some decent photos

A few weeks ago we bit the bullet and bought a real camera. We've been looking at digital SLR cameras for about eight months and decided we'd better hurry up and make the purchase else we'd end up in Africa with a fancy new camera and no clue as to how it worked. We've yet to wade our way through the massively thick user's manual but so far we're fairly pleased with the few test shots we took this weekend. It's nothing like the old film SLRs, that for darn sure. Thanks to the many folks out there that provided advice and opinions on camera purchasing.
Bailey was a trouper this weekend and strolled his way up the mountain on the way to Heather Lake. He was even kind enough to carry some of my stuff in his backpack. What a considerate pup.

Canadian Dogwood (Cornus canadensis )A wee young tree

Clearly, the chickies are going through an awkward stage. Please don't hate them 'cause they're ugly.