Thursday, July 09, 2009

Long Alaska day too much for campers from Outside

Um. Really? According to the Anchorage Daily News, two gentlemen (or, should you wish, you could replace 'gentlemen' with 'fools', 'idiots', 'nincompoops', etc) activated their emergency beacon because they couldn't stand Alaska's long summer day. When the police float plane located them, the gentlemen stated that they ["Calomiris and Grunstra] had been sunburned," troopers wrote in a dispatch. "They were unprepared to deal with the long day length and any further exposure to the sun. They had activated the beacon in an effort to get extracted ahead of schedule."

I hope they paid for the 'rescue' effort. Seriously, Alaskan summers are awesome, and are not something you'd call 911 for. The winters on the other hand...Well, I suppose a verdict on Alaska winters depends on who you talk to. I can't say much because: a) I'd like to preserve marital harmony and b) I live in gloomy, rainy Seattle. :)

Read the article here.