Monday, August 03, 2009

Bee Bearding. For real this time.

I'm sure my dad just winced when he read the title of this post. "For real this time"? * Groan.* I thought I taught my daughter proper grammar. Sorry Papa. But at least I didn't say "For reals this time". Seriously, some folk might just say that. For reals.

Ok, moving on.

At last, a proper bee bearding photo. According to my Mama, they've been doing this all week. Hanging out on the hive front porch during the evening, cooling off. Like I explained to Quinton last night, the bees often appear to look like a man's beard, clustered around the hive mouth. Not a beard that I'd be thrilled about to have covering my face*. Reminds me a bit of this dude.
*Let me clarify a bit: Since I am of the female persuasion, I wouldn't be too thrilled about any beard on my face, but a bee beard looks especially unappealing.