Monday, August 03, 2009

Garden Delight

Someday, I would like to have a vegetable garden like our neighbor John's. His p-patch is a veritable Eden teeming with lush fruits and veggies. Lettuce heads the size of watermelons, zukes struck with a delicious form of gigantism, and cucumbers that are full and ripe.
Sadly, my garden will only look like John's if I sneak up, throw him over the fence, and force him to weed my wilting lettuce rows and water my dying tomato beds. In an effort to preserve neighborly good will, I'll refrain from hijacking my neighbor (and his green thumb) and am resigned to the fact that my little patch of brown earth will never, ever have the green sparkle of an amazing vegetable garden. Unless one is a believer in serious divine intervention, of course. Fortunately, John (and his lovely wife Penny) are as good neighbors as they are gardeners. Take a peek at the enormous zuke that John handed us over the fence yesterday. Time for some zucchini bread! [And yes, Chris and Megan, I got the recipe from your mother this time :)]